Thursday 28 August 2008

How to make Santa

Thought i would share some samples with you all as i am going along today so the first one is the santa bear costume die... it works with all the bears in my range you just pick the head and paws you want and off you go!
Setp 1. cut all the bits that you want for your santa bear you will need two lots of the smaller fur for the collar and the cuffs... ink all the edges if you want to like i have to add a bit more depth.

Step 2. Place all the bits where they should go as you can see from photo 2 where the arms go, i always stick the belt and buckle on first then the arms then the boots, you can see its very easy to do.

Step 3. Pick what paws you would like to use but make sure it matches your head, scruffy heads, scruffy paws etc... look at where i have placed my paws in photo 3 just follow how i have done things and you should be fine.

Step 4. Put the hat on and the buttons for the finishing touches and if you are like me and like glitter add some to the white bits for that extra special touch...

Hope you have all enjoyed this short lesson more to come but back to sample making for me hehehe... hugs trak xxx