Friday 19 September 2008


For everyone out there waiting for their dies they are now in the UK but are stuck in customs i don't know why i have been trying to find out, they have told me they should be cleared by Tuesday/Wednesday as soon as i know anymore i will post all the info.... but i have been told i will have the dies by the end of next week... as soon as i get them they will go out the same day and i will email everyone i can.... anyone who does not hear from me please email me as my pc blew up and i have lost a lot of emails so please don't worry dies will be here next week :)
thanks again for being patient hugs trak xxx


bonnie said...

hello, thankyou for posting this message, was going email you, then saw this. i am very patient but cant wait for my dies to come, lol,
thanks again

Deanne said...

hi hun
hope all is the well in the crafty cat household :)

all is well so far this end too :)

i've started a new challenge blog, all the details are on my blog hun okay. x

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

ooo will pop along and have a look see later today ;)