Saturday 8 November 2008


I finally got my stamps out and had a go i have not used stamps for about 8 years but hey ho thought i would give it a go, I even crocheted my own flowers. I have been trying to keep myself busy so i don't get too nervous about surgery on Monday... you would think it would be a walk in the park with everything i have had done but i hate sore throats ... means i cant talk hehehe..... hope you enjoy the cards will blog as soon as i am able ... hugs trak xxx


Anonymous said...

Is there nothing you cant do Trak!!! These cards are wonderful, well done, and luv the flowers, hope all goes well for you on Monday hunny, will text ya to see how you are!! (am sure you will be able to eat some chocy to get better):)xxhugsxx

Wendalyn said...

Your cards are adorable Tracy. I am getting that stamp after Christmas is over... Broke now LOL