Saturday 13 June 2009

Another CraftyCat

I just had to snap this and show you all because it is so cute... i am in the middle of making a ruby wedding card and i was about to go in my odd ribbon bag and what should i see... ....the cutest thing ever our little fost kitten SPIDERCAT.... "my little CraftyCat" hehehhe


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Too cute!! Maddi would not be in the bag. She would pull some ribbon out and take it to a private area so that she could munch at it so that we could not see She's a sneaky one.


Lorraine A said...

aww, very cute :-) my kitten is alays curled up in my scrap card box ! :-)

Lorraine x x

Nicki said...

Oh bless how cute! looks all cosy tucked up in there too!

Crafting Queen said...

Aww, just so cute!! Thanks for sharing. Anesha