Wednesday 3 March 2010


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For those of you that don't know for the past 3 weeks my beloved jasper has been fighting for his life, he has fluid on the brain caused by a massive infection we wont know the full results until next week, but he is now blind in one eye and cant see very well out of the other this may improve in time but its too early to say. Today he came home he is in a bit of a state but he is home where i can love him better i hope' apart from not being able to see he is his normal self loving food and fuss and dribbling and yes his tongue is still out hehe... I want to thank everyone for all there support and understanding, jasper is my baby and these last few weeks have been very hard for me, i know i will loose him one day but i hope that will not for a while, he is not out of the woods yet but we are a lot more optimistic now:) hugs trak xx


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Will keep praying for Jasper. He's such a tough lil guy.


Crafting Queen said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jasper, poor baby. You must be so upset. Hope he recovers real soon. (((HUGS)))

Beccy said...

glad you have him home now - hope he recovers soon

Beccy x

Lorraine A said...

aww ,, I am sorry he has been poorly :-( it is terrible when your pet is ill ,,, I am thinking of you and hope he makes a speedy recovery xx

Lols x x x

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

He is such a pretty boy! I sure hope he comes through. It is so hard when the "babies" are sick. I'm glad you have got him home so that you can spoil him with love.


Dianne said...

He is a beautiful cat! My prayers are with you. We love our furbabies like they are our children and don't like to see them sick.

Jasper is home and he will probably continue to get better. Especially with all the love and care you shower on him.

Gerrie said...


Kathy K said...

saying a prayer for Jasper...hope he has a speedy recovery {hugs} Kathy

Rachel F said...

sending you both big hugs, our cat Basil got hit by a car about a month ago and you hurt with them, lucky he is still with us and back to his normal self but I know how hard it is - so give the both of you BIG hugs from me!

thread-bare said...

Awww so glad to hear you have him back home with you. Sending you all big hugs hun xx Clare x

WhiteRacoon said...

What a cute baby!..
Hope he'll be better soon!
And don't worry about the eyesight much: of course it's sad that he can't see perfectly well, but I had a totally blind cat - noone could tell she was blind until I told them. She managed to make her way, to climb the chairs, the tables, find food, find anyone she wanted to contact quite well. Cats are amazing, I'm sure Jasper will cope =) Good luck!

Em said...

awwww I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I can't even imagine if anything happened to mine (Im a first time cat owner) thoughts are with you..