Sunday 19 July 2009

Kittens are 21 days old

The kittens are now 3 weeks old and they are getting cuter by they day, and now there eyes are open and blue and their ears are up and they are responding to sound, it wont be long till they are climbing out of my wardrobe... then they have to go into the puppy pen they go to keep them safe!
hope you love the photos hugs trak xxx


Katie L Oakley said...

Aww they are so cute! :) xx

Jenny V. said...

AWWW they are getting cuter each time they are growing. Great picture.TFS


Rachel said...

They are soooo cute! I would love them all! My cat OWNS our house three lovely kittens would push us all around even more.

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

what cuties they all are.... i love the pics..your going to find it hard to let them go when you rehome them.. or you keepin them all..???

cats whiskers said...

Oh hun they are just too sweet, My Sina is a Tortie, I just arore the lovely colours on them. Hope youa re well
Hugs Jacqui x

Anne-marie said...

aww they are gorgeous

Anne-marie x

Nicki said...

Awww theyve got sooo big and even more adorable!
give em all a squidgy cuddle from me!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Too cute!! I want them all!!


Nikki said...

Omg they are just adorable I wish my fat cat was still a cute little kitten :) The colors on them just Fab

Deanne said...

oh trak they are adorable xxx