Sunday 5 July 2009


Yes everyone the kittens are now 7 days old and are all doing well, mom is getting a little restless with the heat but they are still gaining weight and one is starting to open its eyes. The next 7 days should see their ears pop up and all of their eyes should be open and then they will look like little kittens... Hope you like the photos will try and get some better ones of their faces as soon as i can get up and about again as i am stuck resting my leg as i hurt it during the week hehe
hugs trak xxx


Crafting Queen said...

They are just so adorable! Thanks for the photo. Anesha

Deanne said...

oh oh they are beautiful :)
i have an award on my blog for you honey x

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

AHHH! These babies are precious...I have to show my son later on coz he is very much a kitty lover! Only problem is he may want another cat to add to the one we have!
Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.

Unknown said...

Oh they are just soooo cute! I hope that you are ok babe, just take it easy with that leg. love n hugs, Sam xx

Nicki said...

AWWWWW havent they grown! they are just soooo adorable! i want one!!!
sooo cute!