Thursday 22 July 2010


1st kitten being born on bedroom floor poor little thing

1st kitten put back in wardrobe after jess flung herself out and had it on the bedroom floor

2nd kitten just been born.. lots of blood and gore

3rd kitten being born

a jasper moment Jess also sticks her tongue out a lot

3 happy little kittens 2 hours old

YES after much worry and little sleep Jess finally gave birth to 3 healthy kittens in my wardrobe... yes my wardrobe, if you remember this time last year i had socks another foster cat and she had her 3 kittens in my wardrobe... i think it has special powers hehehe i have popped some photos up for you all to see... some are a bit gorey but i like to remember the kittens being born.. i hope you enjoy the photos.. hugs trak xx


Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Congrats to Jess! Good job girl! You enjoy watching these darlings grow up!

Kim said...

so glad to hear she didn't have difficulties like you feared. Looks like she'll be a good mom since she went right to cleaning them up.

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

OMG!!!! I just love baby kitties, so cute congrats to you and Jess.

thread-bare said...

Awww congrats to both you & Jess. I a so glad she was able to have a natural birth after all. Hope all are doing well. Good luck with the hospital appointment too xx Clare x