Friday 9 July 2010


I just thought i will fill everyone in on a few things happening in my life, sadly my health has not been too good over the past few weeks but i am glad to say i am picking up a bit now, but i am going to the hospital the end of this month so i will know more then... and over the past few months i have had stray cats living in my garden, we have now trapped and neutered 6 of the 7 the last little girl jess was to far along in her pregnancy to spay so i am going to be a mom again.. jess is due within the next 10 days so i will keep you all posted on the kitten front.. i leave you with so photos of a very fed up jess ... hugs trak xx


Chelsea said...

Hi Trak,
You are always such a good mommy to these beautiful cats.
I'm sorry to hear you're not in good health, please take care of yourself.
Lots of luv to you and the cute kitty cats.

Kim said...

yowza! what are you going to do with all of those adorable little kittens that are coming?