Friday 30 July 2010


Since xmas i have had a colony of stray cat living in my garden i caught 7 of them, jess being the 7th, then over the weekend we saw 2 kittens playing in the garden so out came the traps and i am glad to say we caught both of them a little boy and a little girl, they are both lovely little things but are a bit sick as they have not been eating right but a few weeks here and i am sure they will be fine.. they are about 12-14 weeks old and are very cute.. hugs trak x


Sassy Scrapper said...

Ahhh.. Trak I was going through your Blog and looking at all the pictures of your kitties. OMG they are so beautiful makes me want one so bad. Love Bonnie

Kim said...

Tracy, you should start your own cat shelter, since that's what you already have! I don't know about the UK, but over here in the states, we have the Humane Society that takes in stray cats, nurses them to health, spays and neuters them and finds them homes. You are such a kind person to help these poor kitties and give them a place to stay.