Monday 21 April 2008

Hints and Tips

As you can see from the first photo, this is what i use to make my bears, a versa color ink pad (mocha truffle) sponge daubers, a white scrapbook pen and a black fine scrapbook pen. So get yourself some bears cut and off we go i use fawn bazzill card stock but you can use any colour and any card you want to. I have brown tape on my finger to hold the dauber onto my finger as i have very small hands and the dauber falls off.

1. Put the dauber onto your index finger and practice light circular motions
2. dab the dauber into the colour ink you wish to use, if its a new ink pad always dab the dauber onto scrap paper to avoid patches of dark ink on your bears.
3. when you think you are ready to have a go place your bear parts onto some scrap paper, dab the dauber into the ink, then slowly in light circular motions add ink to the bear, with practice you will know how much ink to add to the dauber and how dark you want your bear.

when you have done all your bear body bits, get your black scrapbook pen and something round, if you have my bear die 1 cut one the the large circles in thick card stock and draw round that if not anything round will do, go half way down the bear head and draw an arc, you can draw free hand if you want to.
4. Now all you have to do is add a little colour for the cheeks i use chalk but you can use ink if you want to. Get a cotton bud dab the end into the colour you want and then dab the chalk either side of the arc you made for the face.

5. put all the bear body bits together and you are ready for you final step, Highlighting, you can do this where ever you want to, but i mainly do it on the face, so with your white craft pen, put a dot either side of the arc onto your pink cheeks, and on the nose and on the eyes, and you should have a fab looking bear.

If you do have any problems or you cant find daubers then let me know i am always here to help ; )


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Great instructions Trak!! I get more ink on paper then you do. I wasted alot of ink cause it gets all over the paper underneath...haha.

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

hehe no you dont lori i only used that bit of paper to ink one half of a bear body hehehe

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

They look fab!!! And great instructions too ^.^

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

Thx lydia, and welcome to crafycat i hope we see more of you and if you fancy doing any crafting with us be sure to drop me and email and can put you on our crafting team :)

tiamaria said...

hiya Trak, well what can i say, great dies, good insructions, love the pics, well you never stop amazing me. speak soon