Tuesday 22 April 2008

Hints and Tips

Have you ever suffered with the foam on your dies compacting down and you have you use your pokey tool to get your die cut out? Well i use my dies more than most people do, i make cards toppers and cut die cuts to give away so they get a lot of use. I noticed that after i have cut about 500 bears out my foam on certain bits of the die were get stuck and i was having to use my pokey tool to get the die cut out .... so i had a little think i thought i would try some silicone glue that most of us use in crafting now. All i did was put a blob of silicone glue onto the die where the foam was compacting then with a cocktail stick or pen anything will do just to smooth out the silicone. When you have flat ish surface leave it to dry/cure over night, and then with a bit of luck you should have a no problems with the die cut sticking into the die it should just cut out like a brand new die :) The silicone glue will not sick to the foam so cut out on a scrap bit of card stock and remove the silicone glue from around the part the covered. The silicone will also not compact over time with use as there is no air in it so it will keep its density!
*I have tried and tested this method and it does work, but if you intend to sell your dies at any point you should NOT try this method it is only something i chose to do myself to extend the use of my own die*