Wednesday 30 April 2008

Garden Die

If you are like me love to use bazzill card stock and my paper punches will only cut paper, so i decided to make my own die using the shapes i liked and me being me, i have made the die so that all the bigger pots can be cut in half, and with the basket handle you can make another 4 baskets... Hope you guys like it, be sure to check out ebay tomorrow for all the samples i made i cant fit them all on here as there are so many photos hehehe!

Dragon Die

Well everyone i have been really busy today as you can see.. i have put a few samples together to show you just how cute my dies are and so very versatile. I made this die in secret for my crafting sister lori so if any of you see her on here peaking tell her off ;) hope you like the dragon die, be sure to check out all the examples on ebay tomorrow as you can make so many things with it!

Scruffy Bear dies

Here are 2 of my new dies they will be available on ebay Thursday for £52.99 plus £2.99 postage but if you email me directly or blog me then you can get them direct for £49.99 plus £2.99 postage... hope you like them!
Tuesday 29 April 2008

Sneaky Peak

Well i have been a bit busy over the last day, my new dies came in on Monday so have been really busy trying to make samples for them all, which sounds quite easy, but if you know my dies, they don't just make one thing so there are about 10 samples to do for each one ... HELP! So for all of you that asked to have a look here a few things i made... all being well i hope to have my dies on ebay on Thursday but if anyone wants anymore details before they go on ebay email or blog me.... Enjoy!
Sunday 27 April 2008

Sponge Bob

I was asked to make another strange card this week sponge bob square pants, as i have never watched it i had to look on the net. I found it very funny as it was for a 24 year old lady, but she loved the card so that's all that matters! I am going to be busy this week and may not get to blog much, my new dies are due to arrive on Tuesday so i have to make a lot of samples, So if i don't chat much this week you all know why. If any of you would like to know more about the new dies feel free to email me and i will give you a sneak peak;)
Thursday 24 April 2008

Flash Back

Just a very quick post today i have not made anything i can show you just yet i have been working on a few projects and with new dies on the way i am going to be very busy over the next week ... so i was looking through my old scrapbooks and saw this, it was my first go at scrapbooking so don't expect too much lol, Me and the man indoors on our wedding day don't laugh but he was so nervous lool!
Wednesday 23 April 2008

A quick card

I was asked to make a card today so i put this together in about 40 mins its not a hard card to make, just as well as i was a bit busy today and we had a house fire in the next street which meant lots of police, fire engines ... and uniforms mmmmm ;) As far as i know no one was hurt which is the best thing you can wish for! hope you like the card.. TTFN xxx
Tuesday 22 April 2008

Hints and Tips

Have you ever suffered with the foam on your dies compacting down and you have you use your pokey tool to get your die cut out? Well i use my dies more than most people do, i make cards toppers and cut die cuts to give away so they get a lot of use. I noticed that after i have cut about 500 bears out my foam on certain bits of the die were get stuck and i was having to use my pokey tool to get the die cut out .... so i had a little think i thought i would try some silicone glue that most of us use in crafting now. All i did was put a blob of silicone glue onto the die where the foam was compacting then with a cocktail stick or pen anything will do just to smooth out the silicone. When you have flat ish surface leave it to dry/cure over night, and then with a bit of luck you should have a no problems with the die cut sticking into the die it should just cut out like a brand new die :) The silicone glue will not sick to the foam so cut out on a scrap bit of card stock and remove the silicone glue from around the part the covered. The silicone will also not compact over time with use as there is no air in it so it will keep its density!
*I have tried and tested this method and it does work, but if you intend to sell your dies at any point you should NOT try this method it is only something i chose to do myself to extend the use of my own die*
Monday 21 April 2008

Hints and Tips

As you can see from the first photo, this is what i use to make my bears, a versa color ink pad (mocha truffle) sponge daubers, a white scrapbook pen and a black fine scrapbook pen. So get yourself some bears cut and off we go i use fawn bazzill card stock but you can use any colour and any card you want to. I have brown tape on my finger to hold the dauber onto my finger as i have very small hands and the dauber falls off.

1. Put the dauber onto your index finger and practice light circular motions
2. dab the dauber into the colour ink you wish to use, if its a new ink pad always dab the dauber onto scrap paper to avoid patches of dark ink on your bears.
3. when you think you are ready to have a go place your bear parts onto some scrap paper, dab the dauber into the ink, then slowly in light circular motions add ink to the bear, with practice you will know how much ink to add to the dauber and how dark you want your bear.

when you have done all your bear body bits, get your black scrapbook pen and something round, if you have my bear die 1 cut one the the large circles in thick card stock and draw round that if not anything round will do, go half way down the bear head and draw an arc, you can draw free hand if you want to.
4. Now all you have to do is add a little colour for the cheeks i use chalk but you can use ink if you want to. Get a cotton bud dab the end into the colour you want and then dab the chalk either side of the arc you made for the face.

5. put all the bear body bits together and you are ready for you final step, Highlighting, you can do this where ever you want to, but i mainly do it on the face, so with your white craft pen, put a dot either side of the arc onto your pink cheeks, and on the nose and on the eyes, and you should have a fab looking bear.

If you do have any problems or you cant find daubers then let me know i am always here to help ; )

Sunday 20 April 2008

Ebay day again

I really dont know where the time goes this week i dont seem to have had time to do anything i had planned to, but i still had time to make a few cards as you can see. I am going to do a hints and tips section on my blog this week for all those people who email wanting to know how i get my bears to look so nice, its not a secret so i will do a blog on it next week. My parents bought me a sewing machine yesterday i am so chuffed, i have not had time to try it yet so hopefully over the next week i will get some time to play:)
Thursday 17 April 2008

I have been so busy this week 2 birthdays, Dads in Germany so been staying with my mom, and off the get my hand adaptions put on my new car tomorrow, so not much crafting done at all this week. I have made a few new toppers for ebay though and i used my silhouette as well, i am still learning with it as technical stuff does not come easily to me. The CCDT blog site should be up and running soon and we now have 6 people which is fab so don't be shy even if you don't have my dies the crafting team is for anyone who likes crafting , young or old, beginners to experts, we can all have fun:) This is a little card i made for my mom while i was staying with her!
Tuesday 15 April 2008

Me and Grace

Took Grace her Birthday pressie today, little does she know uncle Chris brought her a little something from the Sheffield utd gift shop... poor Grace my hubby will turn her into a blades fan if she like it or not hehehe. We also got her a nice pink toaster to go with her pretty pink kitchen which her daddy is going to spend all night putting together loool.. poor Darren.

Anyway not much crafting done today have been playing with my silhouette and have now down loaded some designs, its good fun! So i will leave you today with a photo of me and Grace.. she is so cute!
Monday 14 April 2008


This is a little card i made over the weekend for my beautiful little Goddaughter Grace, she is 2 on the 16th of April, her mom and i have been best friends now for 25 years, wow the times goes by so fast, i couldn't believe it when she asked me to be grace's Godmother i was so very touched so now i am a real auntie! The best news is Claire is expecting again in august so we are all waiting on a new little bundle of joy... and i am sure i will be crafting for the new baby as well;)
Friday 11 April 2008

Been Busy

Over the few days i have been busy working on some projects, some i can't tell you about yet but others i can show you over the weekend. I have been making cards mainly this week as i have had some strange orders, one card has a Mighty Boosh feel " check it out", i also have made one with a beetles theme will show you that one when its done. I also have been working on new craftycat dies, i will have a new lot of new designs in 3 weeks ...oooo so exciting cant wait to show you all, and as with all my other dies they all work together:) I am also thinking of running my own online craft team CCDT Craftcat design team, I was thinking maybe every month i can set a theme see what we all come up with and pick a winner and they get some goodies from my craft stash, so If anyone is interested please email or blog me and let me know as if there is only me i will get lonely heheheheh
Wednesday 9 April 2008

A quick card

My mom rang me today at 12.30pm saying a lady at work needed a card for 5pm and could i make her one for sam and she is 19... this is what i came up with! There is not too much detail as today i feel like poo, had to drive to Sheffield and back last night as hubby had to go to the footy and then aunt flow decided to visit, so today i am tired and not able to craft much so i hope this card will do hehehe ; )
Sunday 6 April 2008

Just a quicky today, i got my tsv the quickutz silhouette die cutting machine yesterday, i have wanted a die cutting machine for ages but i am not good with tech stuff and they scare me i know where i am with my trusty sizzix. I have to say having had a good play today so far i like it, but with the 30 day money back from qvc i could not say no to trying it out ... and i am glad i did cause if i can use it then anyone can lol... will keep you all posted on how it goes, and i will be making new stuff i promise, but to keep you going here a photo of my cats all 5 of them, where do i sleep tonight? and please take no notice of the state of the base on our bed the kittens riped it to shreads and we have not yet replaced it... naughty kitty cats hehe
Friday 4 April 2008

Little extras i made today, 2 cards for my hubby's family didnt take long to do but i really wanted to try out the elephant and i think its really cute!

Missed a day

With it being a cheap listing day yesterday i didn't get time to make anything new, so here is a little something i made a while ago. I am making a new batch of cards as we have a lot of family birthdays in April so when they are done i will post them here... so watch this space :)
Wednesday 2 April 2008

Ruby wedding

i was asked to make a ruby wedding card for my mom's Friend at work she didn't give me any idea of what she wanted just a cake and the names .... so this is what i came up with, hope she likes it!
Tuesday 1 April 2008

Sneaky Peak

This is just a little teaser i have just finished making 2 lots of animals for ebay all inked and chalked by my fair hands hehe, hope it gives you some ideas!

OOoo found out its a cheap listing day on ebay so i am busy busy busy making toppers for thursday... well have to make the most of a cheap listing day on ebay dont we! Have not had time to make a little extra today so this is a card i made a few weeks ago ;)