Saturday 24 May 2008


This week i have been doing a ton of cards for the Cats Protection who i have done fund raising now for 12 years its coming up to our summer fate season so i have been busy all week making cards. Also my mom let me loose on the sewing machine all on my own, which you may think sounds strange but when i said i wanted a sewing machine i needed one you don't use a foot pedal cause i cant feel my legs, so my mom was really worried about me using a sewing machine in case i sewed my fingers hehe... mom never stops worrying about me awww bless her ;) As you can see i have not hurt myself at all and have in fact been sewing everything i can lol... i have some scrapbook pages on the go will show you more when i get time to take more photos... So enjoy the bank holidays crafting buddies and will be back on Monday! hugs trak xxxx
Tuesday 20 May 2008

Quicky Card

Hello everyone, i have not been very crafty over the weekend as i am still trying to sort through all my crafting stuff which is nice but hard work even with extra storage space i still don't have enough room hehehe.... My mom called about 1 hour ago asking for a card she could pick up after work, as i was sorting i found some old kits i had so i quickly whipped one up just needed glue and some ribbon and i few ready made embellishments and there you have it.... 1 quickly card took 10 mins to do hehehe;)
Saturday 17 May 2008

My Craft Space

Nipped onto rach's blog today and saw she was having a tidy up... well i have been trying to do that since xmas hehe, i am not the most tidy person about so for all you crafters out there who want to know how and where i do my crafting i give you my home ... my little piece of heaven ... My Craft Space;) I have 2 crafting desks neither are tidy at any point i always have something on the go, i have my new big desk which you can see, and over the other side i have draws full of stuff and also shelves full of stuff, my dad is still putting things up for me so i can reach everything i want.... As you can see next to my 2nd craft space i have my pc, printer and silhouette... I have stuff everywhere but my hubby is very good and doesn't mind me taking over the whole room as long as i don't take over his pc... he needs it for nerdy gaming hehe.

Hope you enjoyed the look into my world of crafting xxxx
Friday 16 May 2008

How To

I had an email today asking if i had any ideas how to make a fathers day card for a an elderly gentleman, well that got me thinking and yes i do have an idea and here it is... i thought i would use my new scruffy bear die cause i love it but you can use any of my bear dies even the dragon one if you want to and follow these steps:)

Step 1. Cut a bear out ink and chalk it like you normally would, then cut out another body shape in a different colour, i did green and then i cut a little pocket shape. If you have problems inking the waistcoat, fold it in half as it does not matter as it will be covered with buttons, but it is easier to ink it that way:)

Step 2 put the bear together and place the waistcoat pocket on either side its up to you, now cut some small circles from either of the original bear die 1 or the scruffy die 1 and use them for buttons.

Step 3. cut 2 circles 1 from the new bear die and 1 from the original bear die as that will give you 2 different sizes. I just put some numbers and some hands and hey presto i had a clock face. I added a peeloff chain effect and stuck it behind the pocket and hanging down, then i put the paw holding the clock face.

If you have followed these instructions and photos you should have something that looks like mine, and the great things is you can place the bear on any background.... hope you liked the bear idea Rachel;)

New fonts

hi everyone sorry i have not been bloggin much this week, but yet again one of my cats is ill poor jasper has been very sick and needed an operation, he came through it ok but he is feeling very sorry for himself today and is hiding in a cardbaord box hehe. Anway with all the drama i have not had much time to make anything but this card for my cousin jodi, i found this site that you can get tons of free fonts and its fab take a look there is a font for every occasion and its FREE hehehe!
Monday 12 May 2008

Hints and Tips How To Make a Cloak

Hi everyone hope you all had a good weekend, i was asked by someone how you make the cloak with the prince die, it very easy so i though i would just give you a few notes and photos so you can see for yourself:)

Step 1. Cut the dungaree shape from the prince die and cut it straight up through the v shape just like in photo one, then fold over the tab bits to go over the shoulders of your bear.

Step 2. Place your bear where you want him and cut a piece of card to go at the back between the legs so it looks like you have a full cloak covering your bear... like in photo 3

Step 4. now either cut the bottom waving lines from the crown shape or with a pair of fancy scissors make the bottom for your cloak, then finally cut 2 small circles for the clasps and attach it to the should tabs, you can at this point cut the braid belt from the prince die in gold so it looks like a chain between the 2 clasps or just leave it like i have in the photo:)

you should have at this point something that looks like a cloak for your bear or whatever you want the wear the cloak! Have fun trying this at home hehehehe
Friday 9 May 2008

More cards

while my hubby has been trying to put the draws and desk together... which is not easy with 5 cats all wanting to know what is going on, i made 2 cards as you can see. I hope to have my desk up and finished by Sunday so i can show you my hubby's handy work. He really hates D.I.Y and avoids it when he can, but he know how much crafting means to me hehehe... ttfn xxx
Thursday 8 May 2008

Father's Day

This week i have asked to make a few father's day cards, so i got myself busy and knocked a few up I will be posting them throughout the day as the camera needs charging hehe. I have also now taken delivery of my new crafting desk i cant wait to put it together it means i will have even more work space so i can spread out more, and like most crafters i just don't have enough space and my hubby will not move to the shed outside... i did ask hehehe. when the room is all sorted i will take some photos so you can all see where i work and just how much mess i create... it's a lot lol!

Tuesday 6 May 2008

How to make a Dragon

I was asked last night how i made the dragons, a lady had bought the die but was unsure of how to put it together, so i thought i would put a little Post up about it in case anyone else was having a few problems.
Step 1. cut out all the shapes on the die in one colour, then in another colour cut out only the body and the head shape, the peaks for the tail, the pads and claws for the feet. look at photo 1 for what you should have.

Step 2. shade round each shape if you want to, and cut 2 small peaks in black card for the eyes, then place the lighter head shape onto the darker head shape and place the eyes, then cut the darker body shape in half leangth ways and stick one piece either side of your lighter body shape. Look at photo 2 this is what you should have.
Step 3. now we stick everything else onto the dragon stick all the peaks in size order smallest at the end of the tail, and the claws and pads on the feet. Once you have done all these stages stick it all together with glue, at this point i don't stick the arms on until i know what i am going to do with the dragon, if you want to place her holding a gift it is easier the place the gift first then the arms on top.

Step 4. take a look at what you have made it should look something like the photo 3 (i hope) ;)

Last hint and tip for you, if you are not sure how to put a smile on your dragon, use the scrap bit of card where the tail has been cut out, it makes a great looking smile just draw along the arc as in photo 4:)

Hope this helps anyone out there who is not sure how to make a dragon:)
Monday 5 May 2008

Hints and Tips EYES

I was asked last week if i could do a post about eyes and how to make them not look evil, well there is one rule for making your eyes not look evil and that is never put a white dot in the centre of the black eye it looks very unnatural. I have made a few samples as you can see but the best advice i can give is have a play around and if your are not too sure copy what i have done, and most of all experiment that's the best way to know how to do things. I have out a red cross by the eyes you should avoid making as they look evil hehe!
Thursday 1 May 2008


For all those crafters out there who wanted to join the crafting team i am very sorry, but due to my new dies arriving this week i have not had chance to get anything sorted so i am putting the team on hold for a short while until i get back on top of things... I am sure you all understand crafting never stops for me hehehe