Monday 12 May 2008

Hints and Tips How To Make a Cloak

Hi everyone hope you all had a good weekend, i was asked by someone how you make the cloak with the prince die, it very easy so i though i would just give you a few notes and photos so you can see for yourself:)

Step 1. Cut the dungaree shape from the prince die and cut it straight up through the v shape just like in photo one, then fold over the tab bits to go over the shoulders of your bear.

Step 2. Place your bear where you want him and cut a piece of card to go at the back between the legs so it looks like you have a full cloak covering your bear... like in photo 3

Step 4. now either cut the bottom waving lines from the crown shape or with a pair of fancy scissors make the bottom for your cloak, then finally cut 2 small circles for the clasps and attach it to the should tabs, you can at this point cut the braid belt from the prince die in gold so it looks like a chain between the 2 clasps or just leave it like i have in the photo:)

you should have at this point something that looks like a cloak for your bear or whatever you want the wear the cloak! Have fun trying this at home hehehehe