Saturday 24 May 2008


This week i have been doing a ton of cards for the Cats Protection who i have done fund raising now for 12 years its coming up to our summer fate season so i have been busy all week making cards. Also my mom let me loose on the sewing machine all on my own, which you may think sounds strange but when i said i wanted a sewing machine i needed one you don't use a foot pedal cause i cant feel my legs, so my mom was really worried about me using a sewing machine in case i sewed my fingers hehe... mom never stops worrying about me awww bless her ;) As you can see i have not hurt myself at all and have in fact been sewing everything i can lol... i have some scrapbook pages on the go will show you more when i get time to take more photos... So enjoy the bank holidays crafting buddies and will be back on Monday! hugs trak xxxx


Rach said...

Love your new sewing machine Trak,
I think i have to invest in a new one...Mine is over ten....Yes ten years old!!! time for an update i think. Congrats on going solo..(your mum sounds so sweet)
Hugs Rach.xx

Rach said...

Hi Trak,
Just to say that you have been tagged. click here
to see the rules.
Hugs Rach.xx

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

Yeh my mom is very sweet, mad as a hatter but love her to bits and i dont know what i would do without either of my parents... So dont go anywhere!;)

Onto the other things about tagging dont ask me lol i am rubbish when its comes to pc's my hubby does most of things for me as if i do anything i mess it all up but i will ask him and let you know ;)
hugs trak xxxxx