Friday 30 July 2010


Since xmas i have had a colony of stray cat living in my garden i caught 7 of them, jess being the 7th, then over the weekend we saw 2 kittens playing in the garden so out came the traps and i am glad to say we caught both of them a little boy and a little girl, they are both lovely little things but are a bit sick as they have not been eating right but a few weeks here and i am sure they will be fine.. they are about 12-14 weeks old and are very cute.. hugs trak x
Thursday 29 July 2010


Yes a whole week has gone by and the kittens are now 7 days old and getting bigger each day, Jess is doing a wonderful job .. i hop you like the new photos.. hugs trak xx
Thursday 22 July 2010


1st kitten being born on bedroom floor poor little thing

1st kitten put back in wardrobe after jess flung herself out and had it on the bedroom floor

2nd kitten just been born.. lots of blood and gore

3rd kitten being born

a jasper moment Jess also sticks her tongue out a lot

3 happy little kittens 2 hours old

YES after much worry and little sleep Jess finally gave birth to 3 healthy kittens in my wardrobe... yes my wardrobe, if you remember this time last year i had socks another foster cat and she had her 3 kittens in my wardrobe... i think it has special powers hehehe i have popped some photos up for you all to see... some are a bit gorey but i like to remember the kittens being born.. i hope you enjoy the photos.. hugs trak xx

Tuesday 20 July 2010


I now have the Halloween SVG files for sale on my website so anyone wanting the Halloween CD with the svg files you can buy it in my website, and if you have the CD and just want the svg files you can also just buy that from my website as well :)
Sunday 18 July 2010


We are now on kitten watch with jess as she is only 6 months old and pregnant with 2-3 kittens the vets have warned us she might not be able to give birth and need a c-section, so we have to watch her all the time now even during the night she sleeps with us so we can keep an eye on her. As you can see now from the photos she is getting much bigger and the vets thinks sometime within the new 7 days she will have the kittens.. so we are on kitten watch! .. hugs trak x
Friday 9 July 2010


I just thought i will fill everyone in on a few things happening in my life, sadly my health has not been too good over the past few weeks but i am glad to say i am picking up a bit now, but i am going to the hospital the end of this month so i will know more then... and over the past few months i have had stray cats living in my garden, we have now trapped and neutered 6 of the 7 the last little girl jess was to far along in her pregnancy to spay so i am going to be a mom again.. jess is due within the next 10 days so i will keep you all posted on the kitten front.. i leave you with so photos of a very fed up jess ... hugs trak xx
Tuesday 6 July 2010


Well this is the last of my cards for now, but i hope you have enjoyed looking at them :) hugs trak xx
Sunday 4 July 2010


Yet another man card for you guys.. hope you like it .. hugs trak x
Friday 2 July 2010


Today's card is from mo's digi pencil i love this train image so i made another man card as you cant have too many of them laying about the place as i never have one to hand when i need one hehe.. hugs trak xx
Thursday 1 July 2010


Hope you like this chap he is so cute and very easy to colour.. hugs trak x