Saturday 28 January 2012


Just to let you all know all my hospital visits went very well and my results are good, i have scaring on my left kidney from all the infections i have but they are still working ok, and the lump in my bladder was just a flap of skin from friction from my catheter so everything turned out just fine:) Our House move is now set for the 6th feb so its all hands to the pump while we try and get everything packed and ready to go its a very busy time :) As soon as i get settled i will be back with more crafting goodness i promise:) have fun hugs trak xx
Tuesday 10 January 2012


I wanted to let you all know why i have been missing in action and over xmas as you know my pc died i have finally got it working again for the moment after getting parts from friends so we will see how long it will last hehe. The other big news is we are moving in 2 weeks we finally got our bid accepted over xmas and now its all got to happen by the 29th of jan, and the following week i go for bladder surgery its only a day thing so if all goes well i should be back home the next day! so January is a very busy month for me indeed, this means i will not be making anything new until i am moved in and settled i hope you all understand and still pop by for updates! i plan to be back with new stuff the end of February. take care all hugs trak xxx