Wednesday 30 July 2008

Hocus Pocus

Just thought i would share a little bit of magic with you all... This is my latest creation and will be on a layout pretty soon, my imagination just went wild when i watched fantasia ... i think he is pretty cute!

Hope you are enjoying this hot weather... me i am just sat in front of the air con unit i don't do hot weather hehehe.. have fun in the sun... hugs trak xxx

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Wednesday 23 July 2008

17th birthday card

Yes Rach i finally got round to using the images you sent me which are fab, i am nowhere as good as you guys in the stamping world but its not bad for my first go with stamping after 10 years hehehehe... hope you all like it...hugs trak xxxx

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Tuesday 22 July 2008

Sneaky peak 2

Yes another sneaky peak i have been slacking a bit as these should have been posted over the weekend the page is not finished yet and this is the girl layout, doesn't the ice cream look good enough to eat? Hope you like the sneaky peaks ... more to come soon ttfnxxx

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Sneaky peak

This is a quick sneaky peak at my new baby layout, i have made a new style of bear using bear die #7 and bear die #1 so if you have those dies you can make one as well they are really easy to make and look so totally cute!

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Thursday 17 July 2008

Circle of cats

I thought i would share another photo with you all, my 3 tonkinese Rusty, Kia the spotty one and Renni the brown one, they are all from the same litter and are now 3 years old. We almost lost rusty in January and although he drives us nuts with his constant meowing it moments like these these which make it all worth while... enjoy!

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Al's page

Well i finished the page last and i think he looks at home he even has a digger to play with hehe.... On another note i should have all my old dies back in stock by Monday so if any of you are looking for the xmas die i only have 3 left so get them while you can as it is very unlikely i will be getting any of my old dies again as i cant afford to get them and all the new dies i have copyrighted ready to get made hehe.... So if anyone out there wants any of the older die now is the time to get them :)

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Wednesday 16 July 2008

Meet Al

Hi everyone meet Al or as my hubby calls him " Big Al" he says he looks like a big alligator what do you all think? I was hoping to use it on a toddler page as i thought he was cute ... So cute i made a little poem for him;)

I have a friendly monster and i call him Al
I play with him everyday cause he is my pal!

Hope you all like Al... Hugs trak xxx

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Tuesday 15 July 2008

Sneaky Peak

This a quick little look at the baby boy layout i have been doing as you can see i used the babies i showed you all how to make and i even put a little bit of blond hair on this little chap... Hope you like it guys!
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I just had to share him with you all, jasper has an over sized tongue so he it hanging out all the time ... How Cute Is He ;)
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Monday 14 July 2008

Making Babies

I thought i would share some tips with you all... i have been making some baby girl and baby boy pages so i though i would show you all how i made them ;)

Step1. Use either dragon die or the bear die #7 cut the shapes shown in the first photo ,1 oval head, 2 medium ovals for the ears, 1 small oval for the nose, 1 egg shape for the body, 2 arms and 2 feet. You can use either from dragon die or the bear die #7 i used the bear die #7 for everything i cut out today.

Step2. Shade all the pieces you have as i have done in the second photo, and add some patches on the bum and on the foot if you want to.

Step 3 then put all the pieces together like i have done, you can add hair to the baby if you want too, and you can also chose to use the big hands from die '#7 or can have the small hand which ever you feel like using.

And that is how you make babies.... the none traditional way ;) hehehehe

Saturday 12 July 2008

Paper Piecing

Thought i would have a go at doing some real paper piecing so i drew some leaves and a flower wanted something with an Oriental feel, and something that i could put a teddy peeping out and this is what i came up with, i loved it so much i made it into a scrapbook layout... hope you like it!
Thursday 10 July 2008

Ballet Girl

This week have been a tad busy made some cards for sue at craftycockney, made some cards for my normal i get a call at lunch time " have you got time to make me a quick card" mom gotta love her heheheh.... My first ever go at a ballet layout i think i did ok considering i know nothing about the ballet, only that they have a tu-tu hehehe.... Hope you like the photos... keep crafting y'all hugs trak xxx
Monday 7 July 2008


I had a fun day today playing with spacemen, i made a cheeky layout for any little boy who loves to play outer, cardboard boxes are fab for that hehe... sneaky peak of the loyout i made today ;)
Sunday 6 July 2008

Wonderful Wedding

As i had to make 2 wedding cards this week i decided to make a wedding scrapbook page, and if i say so myself it came out rather well... So i though i would share with you all... hugs trak xxx
Friday 4 July 2008

Giant Toadstool

Have been a bit busy again this week with cutting stuff out making cards and scrapbook pages, this is a little look at my latest layout, its so bright and colourful, i love fairies so just had to pop one on there hehe... the pages will go on ebay on Sunday so don't forget to take a look
Wednesday 2 July 2008

New page layout

I have been doing another layout was not quite finished on Sunday so will list it tomorrow i think its super cute for a little boy... hope you like it hugs trak xxx