Saturday 31 January 2009

Ta - Daaaaa

Well it took a while as having 6 cats that wanted to play and jump all over anything i was trying to make made it quite hard to get anything done, but after play time i was able to get it finished while all the babies were having a nap... what do you think?.... for my first ever copic card i think i did OK:)... hugs trak x
Friday 30 January 2009


Well everyone i have finally got me some copics its been a long time waiting but they are here and i LOVE them... i thought i would show you my first attempt, i must admit i was a little nervous to start with i just sat looking at the box... but i gave it a go and this is what it came out like ... what do you think? not bad for my first go? will have a go at making a card with it... thanks rach the image came from you ;)
Thursday 29 January 2009


Yes more cards as i said i had to make a lot over the last week so i am just adding a few each day for you all to look at... enjoy hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 28 January 2009

Anniversary Cards

I had to make 2 anniversary cards, instead of cutting up lots of card and paper i decided to make them semi the same but with a little difference, i hate wasting and cutting into card for a small piece so this worked out perfectly.. i used only 3 pieces of card/paper for both cards :)

hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 27 January 2009

More cards

Yes i have made even more cards will add the all over the next few days ... and then i can make a start on my wedding invitations.. 125 of them ... wow that will keep me busy for a while hehehe... have fun hugs trak xxxx
Monday 26 January 2009


Yes everyone i am back now, have been a little busy of late with one thing or another so take a look at some of the things i have been doing... I am still working on the secret project but all will be revealed soon i promise!
Saturday 24 January 2009


Anyone who is waiting for dragon dies please let me know i am doing a die order on monday, so anyone who wants one please contact me asap. They will be £45 plus p&p when you email me at or contact me via my blog. They will be £49.99 plus postage when they go on ebay... Thanks very much hugs trak xxxx
Tuesday 13 January 2009

Where am I

well everyone sorry i have not been blogging very much, since the start of the year i have been working on a secret project which i hope will be done by the end of jan, so all my time is being taken up with that at the moment, i am crafting everyday and all i see are bears loool... So watch this space and will show you more when i can... keep crafting hugs trak xxx
Saturday 3 January 2009

Rach's Blog Candy

Pop over to rach's blog and have a go at winning her fab blog candy it is wonderful!
Friday 2 January 2009

Think Pink

I had to make 2 cards for 2 little girls who both like pink, so i used my woj stamp as i love it and made 2 very pink cards.. hope you are all having a wonderful start to 2009... hugs trak xx