Sunday 31 August 2008

Sneaky peak 2

Just a few more images for you all to look at... all the dies will be on ebay tonight if you want to check them out... ttfn xxx

Seanky Peak

I have not got as much as i intended to get done as i spent all of Friday in hospital.. nothing too serious but i have got it sorted out now... so it put me a day behind, fingers crossed i will be getting most of the dies on ebay Sunday night but please if you do want a die contact me by email or you will have to put the price on ebay!... anyway quick look at a few things i have done over the weekend... more samples to follow.... hugs trak xxx
Thursday 28 August 2008

How to make Santa

Thought i would share some samples with you all as i am going along today so the first one is the santa bear costume die... it works with all the bears in my range you just pick the head and paws you want and off you go!
Setp 1. cut all the bits that you want for your santa bear you will need two lots of the smaller fur for the collar and the cuffs... ink all the edges if you want to like i have to add a bit more depth.

Step 2. Place all the bits where they should go as you can see from photo 2 where the arms go, i always stick the belt and buckle on first then the arms then the boots, you can see its very easy to do.

Step 3. Pick what paws you would like to use but make sure it matches your head, scruffy heads, scruffy paws etc... look at where i have placed my paws in photo 3 just follow how i have done things and you should be fine.

Step 4. Put the hat on and the buttons for the finishing touches and if you are like me and like glitter add some to the white bits for that extra special touch...

Hope you have all enjoyed this short lesson more to come but back to sample making for me hehehe... hugs trak xxx


YES everyone the dies are here, so if you were waiting for them to get here before ordering then wait no longer!... i am very low stock on the scruffy bear so let me know if anyone is wanting that die... will be doing all the samples over the next few days and will be blogging some samples as well.... off to get started hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 27 August 2008


I have been working on a new layout this week "under the sea".. mermaids i thought i would give you all a sneak peak as i am going to be busy when the new dies come in making samples so wont have time for anything else hehehe... hope you like it ... keep crafting hugs trak xxxx


Claire gave birth to a baby boy by c-section today after 3 days in labour they decided it was best to get him out, So we all welcome baby Ethan 7lb 5oz... Claire is well but very tired. Congratulations to the new parents... I am an auntie again will pop photo up when i get one:)
Monday 25 August 2008


Hi everyone sorry i have not been around much i am still on baby watch... Claire has been started so we are hoping for a baby soon.
The new dies should be here the end of the week please anyone wishing to buy them say now as i only ordered 10 of each and half have sold, also when they go on ebay they will be more expensive as ebay charges are going up again they will be taking 10% off everything i sell and paypal take 5% so if you do want a die from me please contact me directly my email
Thursday 21 August 2008


My cats decided to help them selves to my feather boa... i just had to show you jasper... he was having such fun rolling round the floor ... pink is so his colour.... you go jasper hehehe
Wednesday 13 August 2008


As promised my new designs are being made as we speak and should be here in about 2 -3 weeks so for the first time i am taking pre orders for my latest dies and will offer a discount if you order and pay now

DRESS UP £45 + £2.99 POSTAGE
SANTA £45 + £2.99 POSTAGE
BOTTLE £45 + £2.99 POSTAGE
XMAS #2 £45 + £2.99 POSTAGE



Tuesday 12 August 2008


I have been asked so much about my new dies and when they are coming in and what they are so for the first time i am going to do a pre order on my blog site.. i will be posting all the designs on my blog shortly and then if you would like any dies let me know by email ... watch this space.... hugs trak xxxx
Thursday 7 August 2008

Fluzzy Fluffy Bears

I have been asked how to make fluffy bears, now there are 2 ways you can either make tear bears or you can use velvet papers and my dies. The velvet paper is easy to use with my dies and cuts like card. i have made some samples for you all to look at ....

Step 1. Cut out your bear in velvet paper and in thin card i do this so it gives the velvet paper stiffness so its easier to stick together.

Step 2. stick the velvet paper onto the card bear parts and ink round the edges as normal... i did direct ink pad to paper no dauber this time as the paper is fluffy the ink pad works better, and i used a color close to the velvet paper color.

Step 3. Draw the face on as normal, draw round something if you can its much better as the paper is fluffy and the ink can spread.

Step 4. put your finishing touches on your bears ... and hey presto you have a fluffy bear to add to any project:)

Hope you have enjoyed today's lesson ... Class Dismissed! heheheheh
Wednesday 6 August 2008

Monkey Magic

As you can see i finished my monkey layout, this is a sneaky look at one of the pages and you can see just how fab it looks... so go on, have a go.. just follow the instructions and have some fun!

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Monday 4 August 2008

Making Monkey's

I though i would share with you all how i make my monkey's i used bear die #7, bear die#1, quickutz double die Easter egg, and my animal die for the eyes, I also hand cut a tail you can also make a template for this using the same technique as with the monkey head, draw a shape you like and then cut it out and use it as a template you cut round, then each time you will have the same shape:)

Step one. cut all the pieces that i have as in photo 1, as you can see i cut the face and smaller egg body and the feet in a tan colour.

Step 2. make yourself a template for the head so you always get the same shape, simply cut a head from bear die #1 and draw a shape you are happy with then cut it our and draw round it to make you outer monkey head. you can see in photo 2 and 3 how to do this.

Step 3. Ink and and stick all the bits you have together just as i have in photo 4, you can see i cut the tan colour for the feet so it looks like a pad on the bottom of the foot.

Step 4. When you have done all these steps you should have something that looks like a monkey, if you want to you can leave it plain you you can add a bow or eyelashes to make the most of you very own little money!

Hope you have enjoyed this little tip... have fun hugs trak xxx
Saturday 2 August 2008

Baby Watch

Most of you know that i am waiting for my best Friend to give birth so i know if i should make boy or girls things... as you can see from the photo she is ready to pop. With this hot weather she is a bit fed up and cant wait to get the baby out and about.... So come on Claire don't keep us waiting hehehehe... Claire is due anytime within the next 10 days so we are all on baby watch hehe.... will keep you posted on any news!

Making Cards

I have been slacking again this week with the hot weather i really don't want to do anything, but i had to force myself as i have card orders to do, so i thought i would show what i have been doing.. hope you like them!