Monday 4 August 2008

Making Monkey's

I though i would share with you all how i make my monkey's i used bear die #7, bear die#1, quickutz double die Easter egg, and my animal die for the eyes, I also hand cut a tail you can also make a template for this using the same technique as with the monkey head, draw a shape you like and then cut it out and use it as a template you cut round, then each time you will have the same shape:)

Step one. cut all the pieces that i have as in photo 1, as you can see i cut the face and smaller egg body and the feet in a tan colour.

Step 2. make yourself a template for the head so you always get the same shape, simply cut a head from bear die #1 and draw a shape you are happy with then cut it our and draw round it to make you outer monkey head. you can see in photo 2 and 3 how to do this.

Step 3. Ink and and stick all the bits you have together just as i have in photo 4, you can see i cut the tan colour for the feet so it looks like a pad on the bottom of the foot.

Step 4. When you have done all these steps you should have something that looks like a monkey, if you want to you can leave it plain you you can add a bow or eyelashes to make the most of you very own little money!

Hope you have enjoyed this little tip... have fun hugs trak xxx


Rach said...

awww Trak you are so clever...i wouldn't know where to start..and you make it all look so easy!!!
you are so sweet sharing all your tips with us, as a lot of craftie folk don't like to share and keep their tips and techniques as close to their chests as possible...You are a true inspiration my friend. Luv Rach.xx

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

I totally agree with Rach about you being clever and the sharing. You are the best!!! Great job babe!