Monday 29 September 2008

Ginger Bread Men

Today I thought i would share with you all how to make really cute ginger bread men, all you need is Bear die #7, some cream card, a white gel pen, a black fine pen, petal pink liquid pearls, fruit punch stickles, and a white and brown pencil for high lighting.

Step one. Cut all the pieces from bear die #7 like i have in cream card, i have used the biggest nose for this ginger bread man, and i used the nose shape from the scruffy bear die for the eyes, ink and shade as normal, but make sure the bottom of the feet are a little darker so its looks like bottom on the foot.

Step 2 Add pink chalk to the cheeks and to the top of the belly, add the nose and the eyes and use the petal pink liquid pears for the mouth. Draw on the wavy lines for the icing with a white gel pen, and the eyes lashes with the black fine pen.

Step 3 stick all the bits together and you should have something that looks like mine, at this point you can add some high lights with your brown pencil and white pencil, just copy how i have done mine, but if you want to have a go on your own just add the brown pencil where there is a dent or groove in the card and add the white pencil to high light your lines and the any other area you wish.
Step 4. last step use the smallest eyes from bear die #7 for the candy buttons i just added fruit punch stickles to add that bit of bling...... and hey presto you should have something that looks like mine.... hope you have fun with this one.... hugs trak xxx

Not blogged for a while

Sorry guys i have not been around i have had so much on the go from making cards for charity to being in hospital to have a growth removed... all is well again for now so i will give you all some new hints and tips later today ;) hope you are all still out there.... hugs trak xxxx
Friday 19 September 2008


For everyone out there waiting for their dies they are now in the UK but are stuck in customs i don't know why i have been trying to find out, they have told me they should be cleared by Tuesday/Wednesday as soon as i know anymore i will post all the info.... but i have been told i will have the dies by the end of next week... as soon as i get them they will go out the same day and i will email everyone i can.... anyone who does not hear from me please email me as my pc blew up and i have lost a lot of emails so please don't worry dies will be here next week :)
thanks again for being patient hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 16 September 2008

Baby Ethan

I finally got to see my friend Claire today and wow she does look good for having a baby 3 weeks ago she has not really got any baby weight to loose... unlike me who has not even had a baby i am just fat loool. As you can see baby Ethan is so very cute, tiny fingers, tiny toes, and that sweet baby smell, and my little grace my how she has grown, she is such a little sweetheart and so very clever.... i am biased but i can be i am "auntie Tracy the mad cat lady" hehehe
Thursday 11 September 2008


I have had a few cards to make this week and with hubby still not finished building my new pc i have not been able to share my new creations with you all.... silly man got everything but a card reader hehehehe.... so here you are cards made using my new dies;) as you can see the wedding dress is from the wizard die and looks fab... the glass and bear are from the bottle die and the new scruffy bear die..... and the baby boy card is for my new nephew Ethan as you can see i worte in the card hehe forgot to take a photo before i did it, but this is my first go at decorating the inside of the card... hope you like them
hugs trak xxxx
Tuesday 9 September 2008


Yes everyone its my birthday and i am 34 hehe... i am having a fab day so far doing nothing and eating chocky... have had lots of cash so watch out prima flowers here i come ;) .... will be posting some new stuff when my hubby has fixed my new pc it all works but he forgot to put a card reader in so i cant add any photos lool silly hubby ;) hope you are all busy crafting ....... hugs trak xx
Thursday 4 September 2008


As promised here are my latest 2 new dies WITCH & WIZARD they are really cute and if you have any other dies in my range you can mix and match to make as many different toppers as you like. The wizard die belt will the opposite way round then shown on the die and the hat will be more rounded, i just don't have the updated pictures yet, and the witches dress will be the same both sides not one side wider than the other.

The wizard die can also be used as a wedding dress as you can see from the samples and if you have bear die number #7 then you can make a human face and really customise your designs.

The witch is also very versatile, you can use to with bear die #7 and the princess die and make yourself some lovely fairies and fairy godmothers such a versatile die.

If you would like to pre order either of these dies please email me on and i will sort payment and invoices out. These and the other dies should be here within 10-20 days.... so hurry before they all sell out... i have only ordered 10 and 4 have gone already!




Hope you like the dies and samples hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 3 September 2008

Sneaky peak

Coming soon NEW DIES yes 2 more dies i have pulled 2 more designs from my range and will be popping some more info up a bit later on but i have confirmed the order so keep an eye out for more details.... ttfn


Due to the popularity of my dies a few of them have now sold out, i have now reordered the new scruffy bear die, bear die number 7 and xmas die 1... i have only ordered 5 of each of these dies so if any of you want any of the above dies please let me know as this is the last time you will see the xmas die as i will not re order it again i only did so this time as 2 people asked for it..... So let me know if anyone is wanting any dies:)
Monday 1 September 2008

Quick Card

Had to make a quick card today for my mom... mom always does this too me bless her... good job i have my new bottle die as the lady wanted a lilac bottle with silver on it bubbles and a glass.... i think i just about managed to get it all done in time heheh... hope you like it hugs trak xxxx