Tuesday 18 November 2008

Almost back to normal

Hey everyone, I did it i got my tonsils out and am now almost back to normal, its still a bit painful but i can eat and talk which is all i need hehe... I felt that good today i even made a card which i thought i would share with you all! I will be listing some layouts this week on ebay so don't forget to check them out and get some fabby xmas ideas:) TTFN xxx
Saturday 8 November 2008


I finally got my stamps out and had a go i have not used stamps for about 8 years but hey ho thought i would give it a go, I even crocheted my own flowers. I have been trying to keep myself busy so i don't get too nervous about surgery on Monday... you would think it would be a walk in the park with everything i have had done but i hate sore throats ... means i cant talk hehehe..... hope you enjoy the cards will blog as soon as i am able ... hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 5 November 2008

Where have a been

Sorry i have not been blogging for a while i am still around i have been busy making cards and scrapbook pages, also i have had a really bad water infection and i have to go into hospital on Monday to get my tonsils out, not sure if they can do it yet as i have ulcerated throat from my antibiotics, i will find out 8am on Monday... nothing like last minute hehe

So here are a few photos of what i have been doing... I will be back to full health in about 2 weeks so will get stuff back on ebay when i can :)