Friday 24 October 2008

New Dies Are Here

Yes finally after 2 months my dies are here and all the right size and didn't get stuck in customs, everyone who pre ordered them should have their dies either tomorrow or Monday. For everyone else i only have 3 witch and 4 wizard left and i will not be reordering these dies, email me asap as once they are gone they are gone!
Thursday 23 October 2008

More cards

Yes i am still making my xmas cards and some for my mom as well, I have finally got round to using my qvc kit i bought a while ago, if you are anything like me i buy things and dont get round to using them... so this time i made sure i did.. hope you like them...hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 21 October 2008

Whiff of joy give away

Katharina the owner of Whiff of Joy Stamps & Rach have put together those lovely give away. If your interested in entering the draw click on the blow link...

#click this link for details
Friday 17 October 2008

Even more cards

Thursday 16 October 2008

Cards Cards Cards

Everywhere i look i have stuff poking out, i have bits of paper, card and ribbon all over the place, but i am slowly getting down my card orders... here are a few i made so far ;)
Tuesday 14 October 2008

Even more cards

I have been busy this week making cards so this is the latest one for my mom and dad for xmas... hope you are all getting inspired to start making yours... hugs trak xxx
Monday 13 October 2008

More cards

Another few cards i made for xmas, cant believe how many i have to make hehehe
Sunday 12 October 2008

Xmas is coming

Yes its true only a few months away and Christmas will be here are we all ready? I thought i had better get started on some xmas cards as i know i will be getting orders and i never get time to do my family and friends cards, so this year i have started early hehehe. Hope you like this little fella he is made using new scruffy bear die #15 and xmas die 2... hugs trak xxxx
Friday 10 October 2008

"Have you ever seen one as big as this"

The photo speaks for itself hehe... hug trak xxx

Cats in love

Sorry no crafty stuff to show this week i have been at hospital most of this week having tests and getting results and generally being prodded and poked, but hopefully after next Tuesday will have break for 2 weeks before i go in and get my tonsils out hehe. I just though i would share with you all a lovely photo i took of my cats cuddling its really cute and if like me you are having a bad week this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.... have a fab weekend hugs to you all trak xxxx
Tuesday 7 October 2008

Box Card

I was asked to make a very special card for a good friend of mine Jan from cats protection who this week is receiving an award for service and dedication to the cause. So i thought to myself i would make a nice box card, as you can see from the photos i used my bear dies and did a bit of embossing, mat and layering and of course sewing hehehe. I also embellished the box to match my card i also decorated the inside to match the outside of the card, the top part is left blank so we can all sign it..... Hope you like my little boxed card!


Even if i had time to do some crafting my cats seems to have other ideas, as you can see from the photo my cats like to be anywhere i am which means i cant do anything without their help... silly cats.... and if you look in the background on my pc you can see i am trying to talk to my crafting sister lori in Canada but jasper decided he would lay on my keyboard ... cats you got to love them hehehe
Friday 3 October 2008

Xmas card

Just thought i would show you all what i did with the bottle demo i did for you all earlier in the week. I don't like to throw anything away so most of the time anything i make for demos i use on cards.... Hope you like it hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 1 October 2008

How to make a bigger bottle

I have had a few people ask what size my bottle die is and it is 11 x 4.8 cm, but you can make it taller, its really easy to do so i thought i would show you how i do it.

Step 1. Cut 2 bottles in what ever colours you want, and then cut them how i have, the bottle you want the to be the bottle colour only cut in half, the bottle you want to be the label colour cut 2 times it is up to you how big you want the label to be, but if you look at the photos you can see how i did mine.
Step 2. ink and chalk how you want, i aged my label white a light brown ink pad and the bottle i just edged with black, at this point you can also make the top for your bottle cut it how ever you want, you can use the left over card from the bottle you cut your label from, ink and chalk that to match.

Step 3. Now its time to put it together, for my label part i used a warm wishes stamp, stamp on the label part before you stick it onto the bottle. Now you can decide how tall you want your bottle just glue the top and bottom of the label and wiggle it about till you are happy with the size.... If you look at photo 3 you can see where the label should go.

Step 4. Now you can dress you bottle i went with simple just a green bow to match the bottle but you can add charms and glitter glue, you can do whatever you want:)

Now you should have a bottle that is about 15 x 4.8 cm without having to buy another die.... so simple and does not take long to do.... Have fun with it hugs trakxxx