Wednesday 1 October 2008

How to make a bigger bottle

I have had a few people ask what size my bottle die is and it is 11 x 4.8 cm, but you can make it taller, its really easy to do so i thought i would show you how i do it.

Step 1. Cut 2 bottles in what ever colours you want, and then cut them how i have, the bottle you want the to be the bottle colour only cut in half, the bottle you want to be the label colour cut 2 times it is up to you how big you want the label to be, but if you look at the photos you can see how i did mine.
Step 2. ink and chalk how you want, i aged my label white a light brown ink pad and the bottle i just edged with black, at this point you can also make the top for your bottle cut it how ever you want, you can use the left over card from the bottle you cut your label from, ink and chalk that to match.

Step 3. Now its time to put it together, for my label part i used a warm wishes stamp, stamp on the label part before you stick it onto the bottle. Now you can decide how tall you want your bottle just glue the top and bottom of the label and wiggle it about till you are happy with the size.... If you look at photo 3 you can see where the label should go.

Step 4. Now you can dress you bottle i went with simple just a green bow to match the bottle but you can add charms and glitter glue, you can do whatever you want:)

Now you should have a bottle that is about 15 x 4.8 cm without having to buy another die.... so simple and does not take long to do.... Have fun with it hugs trakxxx