Thursday 30 April 2009

Dont Forget

Free BLOG CANDY tomorrow guys.... 1st of every month a free printable for you all so come back and see what it is:) ..... hugs trak xxxx
Tuesday 28 April 2009

Little Lori Boy Cards

As promised i finished the other 2 cards from yesterday, so take a look these are just a few examples of the new cd which should be available this weekend:) hope you like it hugs trak xxx
Monday 27 April 2009

Coming soon

I have been working super hard on new patterns as well as making cards this week, so i thought i would share with you what i have been up to "LITTLE LORI" will be out this weekend and along with that are clothes to dress both the doll and your bears, they will fit the printables and my dies:) anyway take a look a the girl cards i made i am still working on the boy ones will list them as soon as i am done:) Hugs Trak xxx
Friday 24 April 2009

Fat Cat Shelf

My cats decided to have a sit out in the sun... we made this big shelf in the cat run for jasper.... now you can see why... he doesn't like sharing with Emily but she takes no notice hehehe

Little Cuties aren't they hehehe.. hugs trak xxx
Thursday 23 April 2009

On Ebay Now

I have just listed all my new paper piecings feel free to stop by and take a look just ckick on the links below.... hugs trak xxx

Ducks and Chicks

Hey guys sorry i have been M.I.A but i have been busy working on new patterns for you all to play with, this week i made some little ducks and chicks the patterns will be available on ebay later today:) i hope you all had a good week and i hope you like the patterns... Bingo bear will also be up for sale it comes in pink, blue and brown... hugs trak xxx
Saturday 18 April 2009


Just look at this cute little bear there is a lot you can do with this pattern and Will be for sale on ebay next week... i am currently working on ducklings, fairies, clothes for the bears, and other bits and pieces that people ask me for:) Busy little girl i am hehehehe... hope you like bingo... hugs trak xxxxx
Wednesday 15 April 2009


card by karen

My bride and groom are now ready and will be on ebay this weekend also the baby cd and bear cd will be on ebay but in SECTIONS so you can just buy which bits you want to, i had a few people ask if they could just buy bits as they couldn't afford the whole cd so i decided to break it down into sections so everyone can afford to buy the bits they want:)... hope you like my new goodies... hugs trak xxxx

Saturday 11 April 2009


layout by Lori

Super cute chubby puppies on ebay now go check them out they really are great for card making and scrapbook pages... hope you love them hugs trak xxx
Thursday 9 April 2009

sneak peek

Working on some wedding stuff at the moment so i thought i would give you all a little look at what i have been doing ;).... hope you like them.... hugs trak xxx
Saturday 4 April 2009

Coming soon!

I have been busy this week making new paper piecings that will be for sale next weekend, i have a ginger kitten going on sale on ebay tomorrow, and i am working on some wedding stuff as we speak ... hope you all like the sneak peaks hugs trak xxxx
Wednesday 1 April 2009

Aprils FREE Blog Candy

This Months free blog candy is really cute and is open to anyone all you have to do is email me and i will email you back with the cute pink dragon attached... email me on to get your FREE cute dragon!