Saturday 28 February 2009


Hi everyone i have been working on these Cd's for what seems like a lifetime.. well since Xmas anyway. You get all my yummy bear designs in a printable format all ink and chalked by myself. you can use these on scrapbook pages and cards anything you want really take a look at my auction... other Cd's are in the works the baby CD should be done this weekend also:)
hugs trak xxxx

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Horsing Around!

I had to make a card for Chris's mum she is the big 60 13th of march so i thought i would push the boat out and have a go at doing a box envelope... well i did it, was not perfect but i know where i went wrong so i should be able to do it right next time:)... Chris's mum loves all animals and works for the RSPCA, she has 3 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 stray cat who lives in the garden, 1 sheep, and all the birds and other wildlife that pass through the garden! So i thought this magnolia stamp would be perfect for her... hope you like that card ... hugs trak x
Friday 20 February 2009

New Stamps New card

I made another card using my wonderful new stamps from norway they are so totally adorable i love them, hope you like the card ... Hugs trak x
Wednesday 18 February 2009

Blog candy

Over at cats whiskers jacqui is giving away some wonderful blog candy.. so pop along and have a go at winning this wonderful crafty yumminess :)
Tuesday 17 February 2009

New Card

Today i had a little time before our new foster cat got here, we have to take her to the vets later as she might be pregnant which is not good for us hehe.... anyway here is my quickly card made from one of my new yummy stamps that Nina and Arnie got me from Norway... they are just fab guys and i LOVE them to bits:)... will make some more cards with the rest of them this week... hugs trak xxx
Monday 16 February 2009

I miss our Friends

Nina and Arstein went home today we had a really fab time while they were here and i really hope they come over again soon... although i got Nina into crafting while she was here so maybe Arnie wont let her come over again hehehe... her is a photo of us all including my hubby a very rare sight to see... hugs trak xxx
Thursday 12 February 2009

My last card....

Before our Friends come to see us from Norway and bring with them some yummy stamps they picked up for me as a gift i cant wait to see them... So this is my last card for a few days hope you like it... Hugs Trak xxxx
Tuesday 10 February 2009

card 2

i love this magnolia stamp as you can can i made 2 cards using it hehehe
Monday 9 February 2009


i made this card over the weekend for my friend jess hope you like it, i used my new copics which i LOVE hehehe.... hugs trak xx

Hints and tips

Hi everyone over the last few weeks since i have started stamping again i have had a lot of people ask me where i get stuff from and how much are they, so i have decided to pop a few details here for people so you can all get cracking with your stamping.
stampin up whisper white card (only available from a demonstrator in the uk)
please contact gill for help she is really nice and will help with any orders
Gill Somerfeild - 07763230651
copic pens thanks to my friend Ann i have found a few places that sell copic markers in the uk and they are fairly cheap compared to ebay
I hope this helps some of you get started ... hugs trak x
Sunday 8 February 2009


Its my father-in-laws birthday in a few days and he has 3 horses so i thought it would be nice to make him a horsey card, my nice kind friend Ann sent me a magnolia horse stamp which is really cute. I tried my best to colour the horse the same colour as his Spanish one ... i sure hope he likes it.... Hugs Trak x
Tuesday 3 February 2009

Paw prints in the snow!

The cats loved the snow falling last night but only one liked playing in it.. this is milo plodding through the snow! ... here are 2 more cards i have made before i take a few days break as we are going away for the weekend for our anniversary 4 years of wedded bliss hehehe.... see you all soon hugs trak x
Monday 2 February 2009


Here are few of the other cards i had to make over the weekend, hope you like them, and hope you are all enjoying the snow we have lots here the cats are not too sure though hehehe
hugs trak x