Sunday 28 June 2009


YES everyone at 4am this morning mom cat finally gave birth in the bottom of my wardrobe to her first kitten a tortie girl it was breech so i had to pull it out but after that it was plain sailing and the other tortie girl followed 30 mins later and finally a tabby boy i think was born at 5.30am, mom and babies are doing very well and she is a doting loving mom in every way.... here are some photos of the wonderful event.... hugs trak xxxx
Friday 26 June 2009


I cant believe i still have no kittens and preggy mom cat doesn't really look ready at all the vet said give it a few more days... so we all just have to sit tight, gosh its so hard waiting i don't know how all you moms out there do it hehe.... i had time to make a quick card for my mom only had a few hours notice so i hope you like it.. will give you all news as soon as i have some.... fingers crossed it wont be too long!
hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 23 June 2009


Good grief this cat sure knows how to keep us all waiting if no kittens this time tomorrow off to the vets we go for a check up as really she is already 64 days so kittens should be here... we have all the signs but no babies..... silly cat getting us all excited hehehe

I made another pattern which will be available in the shop later today i hope you all like it...

hugs trak xxxx
Monday 22 June 2009

Still NO Kittens But NEW PATTERNS

I cant believe my silly mom cat has not had her babies yet i have been sitting here waiting like a headless chicken waiting for them to make sure they are all OK... hurry up ;)... should be anytime now over next 24 hours as she is nesting and has milk... ooo exciting.... talking about exciting i have some new zoo patterns for sale they will be in my shop tomorrow but you anyone would like them now just email and i will send you and invoice... hope you like them
hugs trak xxx
Saturday 20 June 2009


I think our mom cat is enjoying keeping us waiting as still no kittens but her belly is even bigger now we are hoping that over the weekend she will pop as she is fit to burst hehehe....

hugs trak xxx
Thursday 18 June 2009


everyone go take a look at Chelsea's wonderful new clear stamps, they really are very cute:) just follow the link or click on "Chelsea" on my side bar and you can see her wonderful creations

hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 16 June 2009


Its my moms birthday on the 19th i had some of the flowery paper left over so i thought i would make her a card with it... i decided to make a slightly different card as i wanted to make her a bookmark as well.. i think it turned out really well... i had enough paper left to make another card as well... hope you like them... hugs trak xxxx

ps .... still no kittens !!!!
Monday 15 June 2009

Ruby wedding cards

as you can see i have a really thing for doing cards with boxes at the mo ....

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I have been trying to keep myself busy as i am on "kitten watch" as or preggy mom cat is due any day now, luckily the lady who found her wants to adopt her when all the kittens have been homed so all we need now are the kitten to pop out hehehe... onto cards these are not my fav cards but my mom likes them and i made them for her hehehe.... hugs trak xxx
Sunday 14 June 2009


ITS HERE the new WOJ stamp collection and katharina is having a fab blog candy giveaway so pop over and take a look
Saturday 13 June 2009

Another CraftyCat

I just had to snap this and show you all because it is so cute... i am in the middle of making a ruby wedding card and i was about to go in my odd ribbon bag and what should i see... ....the cutest thing ever our little fost kitten SPIDERCAT.... "my little CraftyCat" hehehhe

Golden Anniversary

My mom asked me to make a really nice card for some special friends who are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in 2 months, so i made this i think it turn out ok as this is not really the style i normally make... Hope you like it... hugs trak xxx
Thursday 11 June 2009


Come and meet DINO he is so cute and you can see the devilment in his eyes when he is made up full of excitement and mischief hehehe... hope you like what i have done with him

Hugs Trak xxxx


I have some new patterns for sale this week they will be in the shop tomorrow but if you cant wait you can email me and i will send you an invoice and you can have them today hehe... i really hope you like them... Hugs trak xxxx
Wednesday 10 June 2009

Prom Card

i was asked to make a prom night card for a lady she wanted a long royal blue dress, so i made this... she loved it so much she gave me £7 i was really shocked that it is the most i have ever got for a card i made... all i did was use the princess from the FANTASY CD and just went over it in a darker blue ink... the patterns are available on my website singularly as well as on the CD :)... I hope you like it ... hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 9 June 2009

Bright Mushrooms

This is a page a made a while ago but you can see how i used the mushrooms they are great for a fun bright page or card ... hope you like it.. hugs trak xxx

Large Mushrooms

I made a single page layout to show how the mushroom pattern can be used they go with either the woodland fairies or the fairy bear, but you really can use them with anything and you can resize them... the pattern will be for sale in my shop later this evening:)
Hope you like what i made for you... hugs trak xxx
Saturday 6 June 2009


I have also made some mushrooms for use with the woodland fairies and the fairy bears but you can use these patterns with any of my designs as with everything i make they all mix and match...these patterns will be for sale tomorrow on my website... i hope you like them
hugs trak xxx
Friday 5 June 2009


these are just so yummy and as you can see from my examples you can use beads glitter glue gloss touch and puff paint to embellish them and they really do look good enough to eat:)