Saturday 22 August 2009

New Halloween CD

My NEW HALLOWEEN CD is now on ebay so you pop and have a look you can see all the good stuff you can make with it .. i guess it an xmas cd next hehehe hugs trak xx

Friday 21 August 2009


Well everyone this is my 1st HALLOWEEN layout and boy was it tough going i don't like it either, i really struggled with it, should have seen me last night i was ready to pull my hair out so at 12am i went to bed .. i took another look today and tried to get it looking ok, so i hope you all like it.. hugs trak xxx
Thursday 20 August 2009

Sneak Peak

Another little Halloween sneak peek i hope you all are liking these Halloween designs the cd will be on ebay this weekend but if anyone want to buy it directly from me please email anytime
hugs trak xx
Wednesday 19 August 2009


YEP i thought i would treat you to 2 in one day heheh i hope you all like them.. hugs trak xx


Here are a few more images you can make from my new HALLOWEEN CD you can make some really cute things for your cards and layouts. .hope you like them hugs trakxxx
Monday 17 August 2009


Thought i would give you all an update on the kittens, socks and her 3 big kittens will all be going to their new homes on the weekend as the kittens are 8 weeks old now, and the 3 younger ones will be staying with me till they get a little older but they are all doing so well.. here is a happy photo of all 7 of them.. i will really miss them when they go .. but they all have nice loving homes waiting for them .. hugs trak xx
Sunday 16 August 2009

wizard in the making

this is another sneak peek from my Halloween cd, and as you can tell i had a lot of fun making this wizard he came out just perfect i love him i hope you all do to! hugs trak xx
Friday 14 August 2009


Well here you are as promised a sneak peek of some of the witches you can make from my new Halloween cd, aren't they cute! hope you like them watch this space for more sneak peeks soon

hugs trak xxx
Thursday 13 August 2009

kitten update

as you can see there is so much cat love in this basket, all of the kittens are now doing really well and they are growing fast, as you can see the older kittens are almost ready for new homes i will really miss them when they have gone.. poor socks she does the feeding with me bless her she feeds them during the night so i can get some sleep, every 4 hours day and night gets a bit tiring.. new pattens coming soon will give you a sneak peek this weekend HALLOWEEN..hugs trak xx
Friday 7 August 2009

More kittens

Yes if you can believe it sadly i got a call last night from a distressed lady who mom cat had 7 kittens and her milk has dried up she has been trying to hand feed them but its too much for her so me and another foster mom agreed to have 3 kittens each. Now i thought i would have to do all the hard work myself but my wonderful mom cat socks has adopted all 3 and is now feeding and washing them.. how wonderful, no extra work for me heheh... here is a photo of the 3 new kittens a bit skinny but should flourish in on time with moms milk :) hugs trak xx

Something Simple

I had to make some thank you cards so i decided to use this kit that my sis lori sent me for xmas.. now i don't do simple cards and i am not saying stamping up cards are simple but i like to add a lot of clutter to my cards so this was a real challenge for me, i had to cheat a bit with a few charms and flowers hehe but for my first go at Stampin up cards i think they turned out ok.. what do you think? hugs trak xx
Wednesday 5 August 2009


I have put a DRAGON cd together and its is available in the shop along with the CAT and DOG cd, as i still had paper left over from the card i made yesterday i made a dragon card from my my cd.. i hope you like it .. hugs trak xxx
Tuesday 4 August 2009

Bright & Cheerful

I got some new papers the other day from my hubby it was a QVC TSV and i really like them so i thought i would make a nice bright cheery card to get away from this dismal summer we are having.. the plants and ducks love it hehehe ...TTFN hugs trak xxx
Sunday 2 August 2009


i made this wedding card and box for my mom, i think it came out quite well. It has been ages since i made a card so i think i am a bit rusty hehe.. hope you like it hugs trak xx