Monday 30 June 2008

Fab new pens

As the title says i got some new white pens in for high lighting and i love them, they are thicker and whiter than the sakura white gel pens, they are great for high lighting and writing they are so smooth i got mine off ebay from the USA simply type in SIGNO WHITE PEN and you should get the right pens .... THEY REALLY ARE FAB!


OFFER 1 Garden Die
As a big thank you to everyone who has bought my dies, this month i would like to offer anyone who contacts me directly by email the chance to buy the garden die at a sale price of £40 plus £2.99 postage and you can only get this if you contact me through my email... and will be only available this month or until stocks run out.. So get them while you can!


Buy both Scruffy bear dies directly from me and i can offer you them £90 plus free special delivery postage again this offer is only valid this month and until stocks run out, and is only available if you contact me directly via
Sunday 29 June 2008

Sneaky Peak

Hello everyone have been a bit busy this week and have only had time to do 1 scrapbook layout i had 11 cards orders this week and 5 of them were xmas ones hehe... i am not that organised myself and leave everything till the last minute hehe... So here is a sneaky peak of the layouts i have done this week ;)

A big thank you to everyone for the fab compliments you are giving me on my pages, it great having people say they like your work and its even better when you truly enjoy what you are making... ;)
Thursday 26 June 2008

Little Extra

I have had a ton of cards to catch up with so i thought i would share a few with you, i always find men's cards hard as do most people out there, but i found this nice picture on my craft programme and though it would make a lovely focal point to a card... hope you like them hugs trak xxx
Wednesday 25 June 2008

Bear Eyay Candy

Just thought i would share this with you all, its a order i did for Donna in the states the bears are so cute i wanted to share them with you!

bear eyes

I have been asked by a lot of crafters out there how i make my bear eyes and what die do i use... its very simple i use the animal die and as you can see from the photos i layer the 2 ovals, then the bigger circles and then the smallest circles, but if you have and of the bear dies you can you the circles from them as you can cut 6 of each size at once. Now because of the popularity of the eyes on these bear i have sold out of the animal die ... i will be getting restocks in 3 weeks so if anyone wants and animal die please email me to reserve one:)
Tuesday 24 June 2008

Dressed Bears

How to make Dressed Bears!
1. Cut either scruffy bears or normal bears you will need the legs from the accessories die, i have cut all the pieces i will need in photo 1, you will also need to cut a dress from the princess die in 2 shades the paler one for the underskirt, and you will have to cut a pair of legs in the darker shade you choose for the bloomers, you can use a scrap bit of card like i have:)

2. Shade in you dress, for the underskirt i got my dauber at the edge and dragged it towards me in a sweeping motion to give the shading effect. Cut the feet from the accessories die for the shoes, cut the side and make a oval shape you can see where we should be from the 2nd photo.

3. With some deckle edged scissors cut 2 thin strips and ink the edges, this is going to be the edge to the dress, bloomers and sleeves, if you look at photo3 you can see how it should look now.
4. All you need to do now is add the finishing touches, assemble your bear , then cut 8 bows one in a darker shade for the hair bow, the rest in a paler shade. Ink the bows and place as i have, for the smaller bows i just trimmed a little off the end of the bow you don't have to do that, and for the middle of the bow i used the eyes from bear die 1 the larger circle.

5. The final step i used stickles crystal glitter glue round the edges and on the Bloomer and shoes, you can leave it plain if you want, but i love glitter... look at the last photo and you should have something that looks like mine ;)

Have a go its good fun and if you have any questions email me i will help you if i can!


I have had many questions about how i do my stitching, now there are many rub ons out there with foe stitching on them, but i like the texture of real stitching .I got my mom and dad to go and look for a machine i can use with my hands as i am in a wheelchair so cant use a foot pedal, so they got the janome 8077 and i love it. It has 30 stitches and is very, very simple to use.. has to be i use it lol.... and i has a self threading needle which is very good as i hate trying to thread a needle by hand. So if you are interested in getting a machine go and look at them make sure you get a machine you know how to use , many places offer free lessons for those who have not owned a machine before. If you would like the same one as me it will cost you £250 but this is a big layout so i suggest having a look around first and try one out before you buy :)
Monday 23 June 2008


Hi everyone sorry i have not blogged for 3 weeks but was stuck in bed for 10 days and then my camera whould not work but i am fixed and so is the camera ;).... watch this space have lots of things to share with you all;) Hugs trak xxxx
Wednesday 4 June 2008

Not been well

Sorry i have not been around much to blog over the past week but i have not been to good health wise and needed some well earned rest... 5 days in bed and i feel a little better not 100% but well enough to do a bit of crafting again although my hubby nags me all the time to go back to bed and rest hehe. Here is a little look at what i have been up to over the past 2 weeks not much but i enjoyed doing it and that's all that matters:) ttfn hugs trak xxxx