Tuesday 24 June 2008

Dressed Bears

How to make Dressed Bears!
1. Cut either scruffy bears or normal bears you will need the legs from the accessories die, i have cut all the pieces i will need in photo 1, you will also need to cut a dress from the princess die in 2 shades the paler one for the underskirt, and you will have to cut a pair of legs in the darker shade you choose for the bloomers, you can use a scrap bit of card like i have:)

2. Shade in you dress, for the underskirt i got my dauber at the edge and dragged it towards me in a sweeping motion to give the shading effect. Cut the feet from the accessories die for the shoes, cut the side and make a oval shape you can see where we should be from the 2nd photo.

3. With some deckle edged scissors cut 2 thin strips and ink the edges, this is going to be the edge to the dress, bloomers and sleeves, if you look at photo3 you can see how it should look now.
4. All you need to do now is add the finishing touches, assemble your bear , then cut 8 bows one in a darker shade for the hair bow, the rest in a paler shade. Ink the bows and place as i have, for the smaller bows i just trimmed a little off the end of the bow you don't have to do that, and for the middle of the bow i used the eyes from bear die 1 the larger circle.

5. The final step i used stickles crystal glitter glue round the edges and on the Bloomer and shoes, you can leave it plain if you want, but i love glitter... look at the last photo and you should have something that looks like mine ;)

Have a go its good fun and if you have any questions email me i will help you if i can!