Tuesday 24 June 2008


I have had many questions about how i do my stitching, now there are many rub ons out there with foe stitching on them, but i like the texture of real stitching .I got my mom and dad to go and look for a machine i can use with my hands as i am in a wheelchair so cant use a foot pedal, so they got the janome 8077 and i love it. It has 30 stitches and is very, very simple to use.. has to be i use it lol.... and i has a self threading needle which is very good as i hate trying to thread a needle by hand. So if you are interested in getting a machine go and look at them make sure you get a machine you know how to use , many places offer free lessons for those who have not owned a machine before. If you would like the same one as me it will cost you £250 but this is a big layout so i suggest having a look around first and try one out before you buy :)