Wednesday 10 June 2009

Prom Card

i was asked to make a prom night card for a lady she wanted a long royal blue dress, so i made this... she loved it so much she gave me £7 i was really shocked that it is the most i have ever got for a card i made... all i did was use the princess from the FANTASY CD and just went over it in a darker blue ink... the patterns are available on my website singularly as well as on the CD :)... I hope you like it ... hugs trak xxx


Anne said...

No wonder she was thrilled with it, it's gorgeous.
Well done on the payment too, that's a great amount for a card.

Mands said...

What did I say!?!?! Your cards are fab!!! All that work, in the sewing as well as all the work making the girl & the dress, beautifully presented in a box with same coloured tissue paper, cant be found in any normal card shop!! Well done you!!!
m x

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

great card trak
no wonder you got £7 for it.. its a fab card.. and she would never find anything this good anywhere else...

thread-bare said...

OMG this is stunning. Love the way you have decorated the inside too xx Clare x