Thursday 7 August 2008

Fluzzy Fluffy Bears

I have been asked how to make fluffy bears, now there are 2 ways you can either make tear bears or you can use velvet papers and my dies. The velvet paper is easy to use with my dies and cuts like card. i have made some samples for you all to look at ....

Step 1. Cut out your bear in velvet paper and in thin card i do this so it gives the velvet paper stiffness so its easier to stick together.

Step 2. stick the velvet paper onto the card bear parts and ink round the edges as normal... i did direct ink pad to paper no dauber this time as the paper is fluffy the ink pad works better, and i used a color close to the velvet paper color.

Step 3. Draw the face on as normal, draw round something if you can its much better as the paper is fluffy and the ink can spread.

Step 4. put your finishing touches on your bears ... and hey presto you have a fluffy bear to add to any project:)

Hope you have enjoyed today's lesson ... Class Dismissed! heheheheh


Rach said...

awwww, super cute fluffy bear!
hugs rach.xx