Tuesday 6 May 2008

How to make a Dragon

I was asked last night how i made the dragons, a lady had bought the die but was unsure of how to put it together, so i thought i would put a little Post up about it in case anyone else was having a few problems.
Step 1. cut out all the shapes on the die in one colour, then in another colour cut out only the body and the head shape, the peaks for the tail, the pads and claws for the feet. look at photo 1 for what you should have.

Step 2. shade round each shape if you want to, and cut 2 small peaks in black card for the eyes, then place the lighter head shape onto the darker head shape and place the eyes, then cut the darker body shape in half leangth ways and stick one piece either side of your lighter body shape. Look at photo 2 this is what you should have.
Step 3. now we stick everything else onto the dragon stick all the peaks in size order smallest at the end of the tail, and the claws and pads on the feet. Once you have done all these stages stick it all together with glue, at this point i don't stick the arms on until i know what i am going to do with the dragon, if you want to place her holding a gift it is easier the place the gift first then the arms on top.

Step 4. take a look at what you have made it should look something like the photo 3 (i hope) ;)

Last hint and tip for you, if you are not sure how to put a smile on your dragon, use the scrap bit of card where the tail has been cut out, it makes a great looking smile just draw along the arc as in photo 4:)

Hope this helps anyone out there who is not sure how to make a dragon:)


Rach said...

Fab instuctions/tutorial Trak,
Keep up the fab work!

Hugs Rach x :O)

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

Hehe will try if anyone else out there has a question dont forget "ask trak" ;) i will help if i can:) xxx