Friday 16 May 2008

How To

I had an email today asking if i had any ideas how to make a fathers day card for a an elderly gentleman, well that got me thinking and yes i do have an idea and here it is... i thought i would use my new scruffy bear die cause i love it but you can use any of my bear dies even the dragon one if you want to and follow these steps:)

Step 1. Cut a bear out ink and chalk it like you normally would, then cut out another body shape in a different colour, i did green and then i cut a little pocket shape. If you have problems inking the waistcoat, fold it in half as it does not matter as it will be covered with buttons, but it is easier to ink it that way:)

Step 2 put the bear together and place the waistcoat pocket on either side its up to you, now cut some small circles from either of the original bear die 1 or the scruffy die 1 and use them for buttons.

Step 3. cut 2 circles 1 from the new bear die and 1 from the original bear die as that will give you 2 different sizes. I just put some numbers and some hands and hey presto i had a clock face. I added a peeloff chain effect and stuck it behind the pocket and hanging down, then i put the paw holding the clock face.

If you have followed these instructions and photos you should have something that looks like mine, and the great things is you can place the bear on any background.... hope you liked the bear idea Rachel;)


Rach said...

Brilliant idea!
Keep up the good work.