Sunday 22 March 2009


Hello everyone sorry i have been a bit M.I.A this week but i have been busy working of these wedding cards i am now half done with them, in between doing them i also had chance to make some new paper piecings DAISY DRAGON and DEWIE DRAGON. Take a quick look and i am sure you will fall in love, follow my ebay link on the side bar it will take you to my auctions where you can buy these beautiful babies.... hugs trak xxxx


kaz_za's crafty corner said...

these are ever so cute....!!! what wonderful sheets...!!!!
can i ask whats the best paper/card to print them onto

cats whiskers said...

Oh Hun these a fabulous, so sorry I have been absent this week trying to get this book done for mum. I will have a couple of cards for you lter this week they are all cut out just waiting to be put together. Hope you are both OK
Hugs jacquix