Saturday 20 March 2010


For those of you asking about jasper i thought i would let you know how he is doing, he is up and down some days he ok others he is not, but we have some new meds for him and they seem to be working he is doing everything he used to, but he is blind so he bumps into a few things now. Sadly we don't know how long we will have him for but we treasure each day we have with him and we spoil him more if thats possible hehe.. thank you all for your kind wishes big hugs trak xx


thread-bare said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that he IS still with you. Have been thinking about you on a daily basis xx Clare x

Crafting Queen said...

Thanks for the update on Jasper.Really glad he is still with you and are having some good days. Big hug to Jasper. Anesha

The Paper Artist's Boutique said...

There is something on my blog for you. Sherry